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Book review: Poaching Land and People in the Name of Conservation

Mark Dowie. 2009. Conservation Refugees: The Hundred-Year Conflict between Global Conservation and Native Peoples. MIT Press. Outside the 80,000-acre Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National... Read More

Report Details the Black Market Bluefin Trade

Check out this investigative report that details how and why Atlantic bluefin tuna stocks have plummeted in the past few decades. A combination of lax oversight, fraud, and illegal... Read More

International Biodiversity Conference Deemed a Success

A juvenile Blue-sided Tree Frog - IUCN Red List (Photo: Flickr user leeinhisroom) A recent survey in the United Kingdom posed the question, “What is Biodiversity?” The majority... Read More

NRDC Documentary About Ocean Acidification

Check out this short and effective documentary about ocean acidification, an issue that we are just really beginning to grasp the gravity of. The video is the work of the Natural Resources... Read More

A Jungle Trek in Gunung Leuser National Park, Indonesia

A very, very large tree (Photo: S. Neil Larsen) What I thought a rainforest was “supposed” to be like has been shaped by years of watching nature documentaries and various... Read More

Eager Beavers Enlisted to Fight Climate Change

Photo by Flickr user stevehdc With climate change expected to lead to longer and drier summers here in Washington State, the timing of spring and summer runoff from mountains has become... Read More

Sylvia Earle VIDEO: Into the Blue Ocean

Sylvia Earle at the Tennessee Aquarium from Nature Films Network on Vimeo. An Ocean Advocate extraordinaire provides a wonderful and insightful talk about the state of the Oceans,... Read More

Deep Ocean Warming is Leading to Sea Level Rise

Photo credit: NOAAA NOAA news release draws attention to an upcoming report in the Journal of Climate regarding substantial warming in the deep ocean that has been recorded over the... Read More

Coral Reefs Feeling the Heat

Photo: Scott MacKenzie This year’s record heat has been devastating to coral reefs, and scientists are worried about widespread die-offs with devastating implications for marine... Read More

Arctic Sea Ice Reaches Third Lowest Minimum in Satellite Record

Daily Arctic sea ice extent on September 10, 2010 was 4.76 million square kilometers (1.84 million square miles). The orange line shows the 1979 to 2000 median extent for that day.... Read More

“Since we’re here swimming in the drink”

The Triathlon at Pacific Grove This past weekend I completed an Olympic distance triathlon. My first. Highly recommend it. What happened immediately following was also memorable: I... Read More

Tuna and Salmon in the news

There are some interesting developments in the world of fish this week:  The FDA is nearly ready to approve the first genetically modified animal for human consumption. AquAdvantage... Read More

Biodiversity conservation can reduce poverty, study finds

Shameless self-promotion: The knowledge review I had been working on for The Nature Conservancy has been published. Does Conserving Biodiversity Work to Reduce Poverty: A State of Knowledge... Read More

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