New Laws Pose Potential Threat to Food Activists

In a recent New York Times article titled, “Animals, Cruelty and Videotape”, author Jennifer Mascia describes “Ag-gag” laws making it illegal to film inside slaughterhouses.... Read More

Infographic Shows Need for Better Bike Infrastructure in US

Check out this neat infographic about bicycle transportation in the United States: Click here to see a higher resolution version of the image. The graphic shows the states with the... Read More

New Website Highlights Links Between Surfing and Environmental Issues

The Greener Blue is a new website focused on the intersection between surf culture and sustainability. “As advocates of green living, we want to provide the surf culture with... Read More

Sea Level Rise a Threat to U.S. Coastal Cities

This map shows where increases in sea level could affect New Orleans, Virginia Beach, Va., Miami, Tampa, Fla., New York and Washington, D.C. The colors indicate areas along the coast... Read More

Rising Global Food Prices and Political Instability

World food prices hit a record high in January – the highest since the FAO began monitoring in 1990. Some experts are saying that the popular protests across the middle east are... Read More

Irrational Fear of Smart Meters in California

A smart meter is an improved electricity or gas meter that allows the energy utility and the home user to monitor energy usage in real-time. It will help reduce energy consumption.... Read More

Managed Retreat from Rising Sea Levels Begins at Surfers Point

What is likely the first example of what lies ahead for many coastal communities worldwide, Ventura, CA is beginning its retreat from the ocean. Sea levels are projected to rise at... Read More

Dalai Lama Says to Focus on Climate Change, not Politics in Tibet in Leaked U.S. Cable

In August 2009, the Dalai Lama told the US Ambassador to India that the political goals surrounding Tibet should be put on hold for 10 years and instead be refocused on addressing climate... Read More

Did deforestation and tropical storms cause Haiti’s earthquake?

A tropical storm system over Haiti Long before Haiti’s January 12, 2010 earthquake devastated the capital Port-Au-Prince and much of the surrounding towns and villages, the country... Read More

California Council Adopts Sea Level Rise Projections

Projected SLR in Monterey, CA (in blue) The California Ocean Protection Council, has released a draft resolution that calls for state agencies to account for sea level rise (SLR) of... Read More

Report Details the Black Market Bluefin Trade

Check out this investigative report that details how and why Atlantic bluefin tuna stocks have plummeted in the past few decades. A combination of lax oversight, fraud, and illegal... Read More

High Speed Rail Gets $2.4 Billion Boost in U.S.

An Amtrak Acela train, currently the nations only HSR line (Photo: Flickr user jimkleeman) Last week, the U.S. Department of Transportation awarded 54 high speed rail projects (HSR)... Read More

Green Light for World’s Largest Solar Power Plant

Parabolic mirrors on a CSP power plant (Source: California Energy Commission) The US government has given the green light to begin construction on what will be the world’s largest... Read More

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