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The Future of Green Building is in Seattle

I have seen the future of buildings. And it is awesome. Today, Earth Day 2013, The Bullitt Center – the “greenest,” most sustainable commercial building in the world – officially opened.  I’ve been fortunate to live right down the street and have been able to watch the building take shape over the past year. There […]

chasing ice

Chasing Ice: A haunting visual record of the climate catastrophe

Glacial. This word is often used to describe an incredibly slow process. It is ironic then, I think, that glaciers and polar ice caps melting at such an incredible rate are providing the most visible and indisputable evidence that we are entering a new geologic epoch. We are in a unique position (for worse) to bear […]

Jeffrey Turner

Q & A with Stanford’s Green Grid Radio Show

Green Grid Radio is a new hour-long weekly radio show from Stanford radio. The show airs Tuesdays, 1-2pm PST on KZSU Stanford 90.1FM in the San Francisco Bay Area and online at kzsulive.stanford.edu. Recordings of the shows are also available at greengridradio.org and the podcast is available via iTunes here. Curious about the creation of Green Grid […]

Isabel, Nicolasa, Matea and Juana: Four of the six members of JUSTA's jewelry collective Imoq sin Chiya.  Carrie Laing

Photo Essay: Fair Trade and Social Entrepreneurship in Guatemala

On the shores of Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan, a local fair trade cooperative named JUSTA provides living wages for traditional Maya women artisans through social entrepreneurship and self-sustaining development. In Spanish, justa means just or fair, and lives up to its name by working directly with producers in long-term commitments to provide living wages for their traditional craft.

farmer central java

Promoting Certified Wood Products from Agroforestry Systems

Agroforestry is a key strategy to improve on-farm productivity, increase nutrition, and help the environment – particularly in the developing world. Small landowners and community agroforestry systems in many cases would benefit from certification programs. Hot off the press is a new handbook to guide the development of FSC certification programs around the world.

Brass Liberation Orchestra provided music on the farm

Seeds of Occupy: The Gill Tract Contested Land and Oakland’s Planting Justice

On Earth Day, activists, community members, students and local farmers reclaimed the Gill Tract, a five-acres of a 14-acre piece of land in Albany, near Berkeley, CA. After a three-week occupation, arrests, and a court case, as of Monday June 11, all charges have been dropped. I just happened to be interviewing about his work with […]


Book Review: Rambunctious Garden by Emma Marris

What does “nature” mean? What is it supposed to look like? And what is the future of nature and biodiversity conservation? These are questions that Emma Marris tries to answer in her excellent book Rambunctious Garden. An aweful lot of money is spent around the world by non-profits, governments, and people on nature conservation projects. […]


Simplifying the Economics of Happiness with Helena Norberg-Hodge

In 1975, before India’s northern region of Ladakh became a popular tourist attraction; Helena Norberg-Hodge went with a film crew. It was here she first encountered a localized economy, planting the seed for her present work. Now, nearly 40 years later, she is the director of the International Society for Ecology and Culture, an organization […]

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What does it feel like to lose your home, your community, and your entire nation?

This is a cross-post from The Climate Reality Project.  What does it feel like when you realize the place you call home may disappear forever? The people of the Central Pacific island nation of Kiribati can answer that question. They are grappling firsthand with the climate crisis we’ve inflicted on our planet, and now face […]

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A Vision for the Future: Founder of Earth Trust, Vanya Orr

The Nilgiri Hills consists of a heart-shaped region rising almost vertically from the lowlands of the Southern Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka in Southern India. In order to protect its unique population of plants and animals, it was one of the earliest places in the world to be registered as a World […]

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